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Service Providers

There are many broadband service providers which operate in the East Riding. The ones that the Council is aware of are listed below.

Please note that the Council does not recommend any of these suppliers in particular and that other providers may exist which are not included on this list.

If you are a provider and your details do not feature on this list please let us know using the Contact us page.

Service provider Site Description
5G Wireless http://www.5g-wireless.net/ Hi-Speed Wireless Broadband, based in Bridlington.
11G Communications http://www.11g.co.uk/ Using carrier class wireless equipment, can transmit the internet - based in Bridlington
Airnet Services http://www.airnetservices.co.uk/ Hi-Speed Wireless Broadband. Internet telephone services based in Hull.
Avanti http://www.avantiplc.com/ Satellite Broadband to rural and remote communities
Avonline http://www.avonline.co.uk/services/broadband-services/ Satellite Broadband
Avonline Broadband http://avonlinebroadband.com/ Satellite Broadband
BRISKONA http://www.briskona.com/ Satellite and Fixed Wireless Broadband
Broadband Anywhere http://www.broadbandanywhere.com/# Satellite Broadband
BSkyB https://www.sky.com/ Broadband Packages
BT http://www.productsandservices.bt.com/products/broadband-packages Broadband Packages
BT Openreach http://www.superfast-openreach.co.uk/ Part of BT Group. Manages the local network between BT exchange and the fibre point in your home
Connexin http://www.connexin.co.uk/ Broadband Connectivity - based in Hull
Everything Everywhere (Orange/T-Mobile) http://ee.co.uk/ Mobile Broadband and Broadband Packages
Fibrewave Networks Ltd http://fibrewave.net/ Better broadband for local communities - based in Cambridgeshire
Fluidata http://www.fluidata.co.uk/about-us/ High speed data connectivity solutions
 Freedomsat  https://www.freedomsat.co.uk/ High Speed 4G and Satellite Internet


info@hubbnet.net    01964 207207      

Superfast Broadband - Ultrafast Fibre, Covering Hull and Holderness
Jibba Jabba http://jibbajabba.uk.com/ Broadband Packages
Kcom https://www.kc.co.uk/products/broadband/features/ Broadband Packages
Boundless http://www.boundlessnetworks.co.uk/ Fibre wireless networks
Pure Broadband http://www.purebroadband.net/ Internet Service Provider - based in Hull
Quickline Communications http://www.quickline.co.uk/ Internet Service Provider - based in Driffield
Talk Talk https://sales.talktalk.co.uk/ Broadband Packages
Utility Warehouse Discount Club https://www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk/services/phoneandbroadband/broadband Broadband Packages
Virgin Media http://www.virginmedia.com/shop/broadband  
VISPA - wireless http://www.vispa.net/home-city-wireless.php Wireless Broadband
OptaNet http://www.optanet.com/ Broadband Packages
SimRush https://www.simrush.com 4G LTE Connectivity