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Phase 2 - Complete  

The ambition of the government's BDUK programme was to make superfast broadband available to 95% of the country by December 2017. The Council signed a contract with British Telecommunications PLC to make superfast broadband available to over 4,500 properties by December 2017. 

Following a State Aid Public Consultation exercise in August 2016, provisional approval was given to BT by the Council and UK government to reinvest early gain-share funding and Phase 1 underspend back into Phase 2, extending coverage by over 2,000 superfast premises and increasing its total delivery target to over 6,500 homes and businesses by the end of 2018. Openreach evidenced achievement of its contractual delivery target of 6,771 superfast premises in December 2019. Please see our updated Interactive map.

Further details of the Government's national programme can be found here:

GOV.UK (external website)

The coverage map below represents coverage for Phase 1 (which ended in 2015) and for Phase 2, which was competed in 2019:

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Broadband East Riding Coverage
Broadband East Riding Coverage

You can use Broadband East Riding's Interactive map to see the most up to date rollout information for your area.

You can also find out what broadband packages are available to you by searching for your address using
Ofcom's approved price comparison websites (external website).    

Further Information
  1. The maps and information above are not accurate at a premises or post code level and should not be interpreted as such. The plans are subject to survey and may change as the roll out progresses.
  2. Some areas may only have partial coverage. Premises inside the coverage area are not guaranteed to receive an improvement.
  3. Some areas may be targeted over multiple stages of delivery.
  4. The maps are based on information correct at November 2017 and uses data received as part of an Open Market Review exercise carried out in September 2014 by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, a Public Consultation exercise in August 2016, BDUK data from October 2012 and information supplied by BT as part of the East Riding BDUK framework procurement.
  5. It is not possible to guarantee that every premise in the area will get access to an improved broadband service. East Riding Council cannot advise what line speeds will be available.
  6. To access superfast broadband residents and businesses should contact the service provider of their choice. There may be an additional charge for changing to a new product. Some providers may chose not to provide superfast services in all areas.