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Let’s help our environment superfast!

User AvatarPosted by Natalie Venning at 03/06/2016 11:06:43

Nature and the internet are not often thought of as a pair, but the roll out of superfast broadband actually has a positive impact on our environment. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits taking up superfast broadband can have on the world around us:

Less pollution

Thanks to a faster, more reliable internet connection at home and at the office, thousands are able to give up the long commute and work from home. It’s helping businesses grow with access to cloud technology 24/7, and hold video conference calls without having to travel to meetings across the city, the country, or the world!

Less waste

Tidy desks and empty bins in the office, so long staples and cellotape; now we can submit most forms online there is less reliance on the stationary cupboard and its unrecyclable consumables. But it isn’t just the environment that’s happy; it makes life easy and cheaper too! Applying for a travel rail card? Email a photo and fill in a form online. You can even save money on your household bills by opting for ‘paperless’ statements.

Green energy

Some telecommunications companies are running their offices on solely green energy, so your broadband is being transmitted with the minimal carbon footprint.

Thanks to Broadband East Riding, more than 42,000 premises in the county can access superfast speeds, with thousands more getting connected by December 2017. To find out if you can upgrade to superfast broadband, use the links available on the homepage.

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