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Have a super Safer Internet Day

User AvatarPosted by Natalie Venning at 08/02/2016 11:10:52

The online world is an almost infinite resource; catering to the wildest imaginations. And now, with superfast broadband rolling out across the country, we can all connect quicker and from more places than ever before.

With each new generation of internet users, that online world develops and adapts. Yet, as much convenience and help it can provide, we must always take the good with the bad. But, the positives most definitely outweigh the risk of the negative when you use online safely.

It’s easy to stay safe online once you know how. As Safer Internet Day (external website), the global celebration of safer internet, is coming up on February 9th, the Broadband East Riding team has decided to pull together a few tips to make sure you and your loved ones get to enjoy your online experience.

  1. Catch It, Kill It, Bin It. Antivirus is no laughing matter. Make sure you get a working antivirus installed on your device to protect from any unwanted bugs or intrusions. Put a reminder on your calendar to run regular antivirus scans. 
  2. Think before you speak. It’s the oldest advice in the book, but it is still vital to listen to today. When you post online, your words are immortalised; even if you decide to later delete a public message, there are still copies available. Make sure you are being read for the right reasons, and make the internet a better, safer place for others.
  3. A talking house is a happy house. If you have children accessing the internet on their own, then keep an open dialogue with them. Make a comfortable environment to discuss what websites and apps they like to use and what they say online. For advice on how to do this, just read this factsheet by Childnet International (external website).
  4. Cover your pin. It’s the same when you are making a purchase in a store, you would make sure to hide your pin. But online shopping is a convenient method to save you money and time. For more advice on online shopping, check out the Money Advice Centre (external website).
  5. Soldier, Sailor, Tinker, Tailor. People from all walks of life use the internet, and so there are websites available that you may not be interested in or you don’t want your family to visit. Your internet service provider may offer parental controls, contact them to find out how to set these up. 


Safer Internet Day is coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre, with hundreds of organisations getting involved to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology. Download and keep the UK Safer Internet Centre’s factsheet for parents (external website), full of useful links.

If you need access to the internet, just visit your local East Riding Library. All of our libraries are UK Online Centres and provide you with online access. Click here to find the opening times of your local library.

Find out if you can now access superfast broadband by visiting the Where Is Live page and using the postcode checker.