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Enjoy a superfast online business experience

Superfast broadband will have a big impact for any business. It provides an opportunity to improve the way you operate, adopt new digital technologies that can help you reduce costs and increase profit leading to a competitive advantage over others in the market place. There are so many tools and services at your fingertips, the list is endless!

Top 5 benefits taking up a superfast broadband service could bring to your business:

  1. Work collaboratively in real time – upload, download, back-up and access data faster
  2. Work from anywhere - working from home or on the move can be seamless and easy
  3. Reduce costs – use cost effective technology i.e. cloud computing and internet telephony
  4. Grow your business – access new markets and connect to and interact with new customers and suppliers
  5. Promote your business – faster broadband opens up the world of digital marketing

Don't just take our word for it; check out our case studies from local East Riding residents businesses that already benefitting from a superfast boost.

Case studies

Can I get it?  

To find out if superfast broadband is available you can check your postcode here. You can choose to upgrade with any internet service provider in your area so be sure to shop around to find the best deal.

Already gone superfast?

Businesses who have already got superfast broadband love it and who can blame them. If your business is one of these, would you be prepared to share your superfast story to help others connect? We would love to hear from you!

Gigabit voucher  

This national scheme provides future-proof full fibre connections for businesses and the homes around them.

Businesses can claim up to £3,000 against the cost of connection either individually or as part of a group project. Residents can benefit from the scheme as part of a group project which also includes businesses, and can claim for a voucher of up to a value of £500.

Gigabit voucher scheme

Case studies  

Stephen Brown Portrait

Stephen Brown, Mortgage Options – Providing mortgage advice

Stephen Brown works as a Mortgage and Protection advisor at Mortgage Options from his home in Bainton. We caught up with Steven at the Driffield and District Business Club to find out what impact a move to superfast broadband has had on his daily working life.

What were the challenges?

Prior to the availability of superfast broadband Stephen often found working from home difficult, uploading and downloading files and completing quotes could take a while and that really affected productivity. "I needed a robust connection to allow me to access cutting edge systems and technology remotely to bring the most suitable deals to our customers and support them every step of the way".

Raising the standard with faster broadband

Stephen first heard about the availability of superfast broadband after a neighbour called to say it had been installed in the village in May 2016. He called his existing supplier and upgraded his connection with ease and has absolutely never looked back. "I was previously accessing speeds of between 3 – 8Mbps and now get download speeds of 23Mbps and upload speeds of 15Mbps. The reliability is excellent, it has made such a difference to the way I work, I spend much less time uploading applications and sourcing products".

In addition to boosting business productivity, upgrading to superfast broadband has opened up the world of online television, "we can now watch more online TV such as Netflix and Amazon instantly". Stephen added "I would thoroughly recommend superfast broadband to others; it has so many benefits for both business and leisure".

You can find out more about Mortgage Options at: mortgageoptions.co.uk

nShare logo

Steve Scott, nShare - Implementing streamlined technology solutions

Steve Scott co-founded nShare in 2009 after beginning his career in a combination of IT administration and development roles with the desire to deliver a combination of technology and common sense solutions to help unlock business potential. As Technical Director, Steve often works from his home in Langtoft to support on-going customer needs. We spoke to Steve, about his experience of moving to superfast broadband and how it has helped to transform his business and family life.

What were the challenges?

Before superfast broadband, balancing homeworking around family needs was a definitely a struggle. "I had to ask my children to limit their internet usage, particularly the use of YouTube and other video streaming services during office hours. I need to be able to access client platforms 24/7, so it was essential to have the right infrastructure to support that delivery".

Working smarter with an improved connection

Steve upgraded to superfast broadband as soon as it was available to him in August 2015 and it has made a real difference to the way he works. "My connection speed has gone up dramatically from 8Mbps to 80Mbps; I can access all I need from home and support customers wherever they are in the world around the clock".

"Superfast broadband has also made a big difference to my family life as my two teenage children can now stream services on multiple devices to their hearts content all at the same time as I work. I would recommend it to others without a doubt; I'm not quite sure how I managed before without it".

You can find out more about Steve's business at: nshare.co.uk

Duncan Carmichael Portrait

Duncan Carmichael, Agriyork 400 Ltd - Faster speeds have helped to serve customers in the way they expect.

Agriyork400 Ltd are a UK based independent supplier of consumable goods to the laboratory, forensic, process and field sampling sectors, and has supplied scientific consumables to the European marketplace for nearly three decades.

How did you learn about Broadband East Riding?

"It was from one of East Riding of Yorkshire Council's business support email newsletters we first heard about the roll out of superfast broadband. Towards the end of 2015, it became available to us, which was a pleasant surprise in our rural location.

With the promise of faster downloads and a more reliable connection, we contacted our provider to upgrade straight away.

Superfast broadband is the new standard, we expect all businesses understand its benefits so we would recommend others to upgrade too."

Faster connection allows us to offer new products

"We are too cynical to be excited by technology, but the faster connectivity allows us to serve our customers in the way they expect. Thanks to its reliability, we are able to offer our customers NFC RFID Tags. Using an app on their smartphone, they can connect to our remote cloud-based database which keeps them updated on their orders, shipping and location, in real time. It's been a very popular move, and something all customers are expecting in this age, but it's only possible with these faster internet speeds."

For more information on Agriyork 400 Ltd visit: agriyork.co.uk

Business support  

Looking for help to start, grow, or locate your business? We can provide the support you need, from creating a business plan, keeping records and marketing your business to finding the right location and premises, staff, funding and support to help make your business a success.

Business advice is free to any East Riding of Yorkshire resident or business based in the East Riding.

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