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About Broadband East Riding

Broadband East Riding (managed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council) is part of the Government's national Building Digital UK programme (formerly Broadband Delivery UK), responsible for ensuring that every UK home and business can access fast and reliable digital connectivity.

Contract 1 of the Broadband East Riding programme ended in December 2015, with over 42,000 properties in the East Riding of Yorkshire benefitting from improved connectivity. Contract 2 provided a further 6,771 premises access to improved connectivity and was completed in December 2019. Contract 3 was completed in June 2022 and delivered gigabit-capable broadband connectivity to a further 1,371 rural, hard-to-reach premises.

The Broadband East Riding Programme team is currently working with Building Digital UK on Project Gigabit, which aims to provide gigabit-capable connections to some of the hardest to reach premises that won't benefit from commercial deployments. It is anticipated that a supplier will be appointed by Spring 2024 and delivery is expected to commence in Summer 2024.

Contract 1 (Completed)

Contract 1 was completed in December 2015, with over 42,000 homes and businesses having been provided with access to Superfast broadband speeds of over 24Mbps

Contract 2 (Completed)

The initial scope of Contract 2 was to provide Superfast broadband availability to more than 4,500 additional premises by December 2017. However, following a State Aid Public Consultation exercise in August 2016, approval was given for the reinvestment of early gain-share funding and Contract 1 underspend back into Contract 2, extending coverage by over 2,000 premises and increasing its total delivery target to over 6,500 homes and businesses by the end of 2018. Openreach evidenced achievement of its contractual delivery target of 6,771 premises in December 2019.

Contract 3 (Completed)

Funded by efficiency savings from Contract 1, the Rural Payments Agency and supplier contribution, Contract 3 of the Broadband East Riding programme completed in June 2022. The initial scope delivered gigabit-capable broadband connectivity to 1,371 premises, of which 180 of these were rural business premises. Openreach surpassed the number of contracted connections, resulting in a total of 2,090 premises benefitting from gigabit-capable connectivity.

Local Full Fibre Networks (LFFN) (Completed)

The LFFN programme was designed primarily with local authorities in mind, and aimed to stimulate commercial investment in gigabit-capable networks in both rural and urban locations by helping to deliver reliable gigabit-capable connectivity to those areas; with the expectation that this would lead to improved commercial investment conditions for operators to extend gigabit-capable connectivity into hard-to-reach locations, particularly those in rural areas.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council was awarded LFFN funding to deliver gigabit-capable, full-fibre broadband to 27 public funded schools. The schools involved are widely distributed across the region, from Barmby on the Marsh, west of Goole, to the east coast village of Flamborough.

The East Riding primary schools that were provided with gigabit-capable connectivity as part of the LFFN programme are:

  • Airmyn Park Primary School
  • Aldbrough Primary School
  • Barmby on the Marsh Primary School
  • Beeford CE VC Primary School
  • Beswick and Watton CE VC Primary School
  • Bishop Wilton CE VC Primary School
  • Bubwith Primary School
  • Bugthorpe CE VC Primary School
  • Burton Agnes CE VC Primary School
  • Flamborough CE VC Primary School
  • Garton-on-the-Wolds CE VC Primary School
  • Hutton Cranswick Community Primary School
  • Middleton-on-the-Wolds CE VC Primary School
  • Nafferton Primary School
  • North Frodingham Primary School
  • Rawcliffe Bridge Primary School
  • Rawcliffe Primary School
  • Skipsea Primary School
  • Sledmere CE VC Primary School
  • Snaith Primary School
  • St Martin's CE VA Primary School
  • Sutton upon Derwent CE VC Primary School
  • Warter CE VC Primary School
  • Wetwang CE VC Primary School
  • Wilberfoss CE VC Primary School
  • Withernsea Primary School
  • Wold Newton Foundation School

Rural Gigabit Connectivity (RGC) (Completed)

The goal of the RGC programme was to deliver nationwide gigabit connectivity in locations that were unlikely to benefit from commercial investment. An 'Outside In' approach was initially proposed to ensure that premises in the final 10% could be addressed in parallel with the rest of the UK. This was revised upwards in 2019 to encompass the final 20% of UK premises, and was formally confirmed in March 2020 when The Chancellor announced a £5bn commitment to fund gigabit-capable deployment to the final 20% of the UK.

In line with this, the intervention scope of the RGC programme was increased to encompass the final 20% so that all areas would be able to benefit. With c.30 million premises in the UK, the final 20% is expected to represent up to 6 million households, although not all of these would end up needing to receive a subsidised gigabit connection.

By employing the Hub model approach, the RGC programme identified public sector buildings that met qualifying criteria set out by BDUK, and upgraded them to access gigabit-capable connectivity. This approach not only provided gigabit-capable connection to qualifying public buildings, but also (in delivering gigabit-capable infrastructure into hard-to-reach rural locations) provided the potential for commercial intervention, thereby stimulating the market to build more networks in these areas.

As part of this programme, East Riding of Yorkshire Council was awarded funding to connect 11 rurally located primary schools in the hardest-to-reach areas of the region. This was completed by the end of June 2021.

The East Riding primary schools that were provided with gigabit-capable connectivity as part the RGC programme are:

  • Bempton Primary School
  • Cowick CEVC Primary School
  • Eastrington Primary School
  • Kilham CEVC Primary School
  • Lockington CEVC Primary School
  • Marshlands Primary School
  • Pollington-Balne Church of England Primary School
  • Reedness Primary School
  • Roos CEVC Primary School
  • Swinefleet Primary School

Upcoming projects

The Broadband East Riding Programme team is working closely with partners in the region to deliver the Government national target of extending gigabit-capable broadband to reach at least 85% of UK premises by the end of 2025. Any upcoming projects will be listed within this section.

Project Gigabit - Type B Procurements

It was announced in March 2021 that £5bn will be made available by the Government via Building Digital UK's (BDUK's) ‘Project Gigabit’, with the first £1.2bn to be spent by 2025, to reach its target of 85% gigabit-capable coverage. Much of this funding will be spent via 38 large scale regional ‘lots’ coordinated by BDUK.

East Riding of Yorkshire has been split into three ‘lots’ with the majority included in ‘Lot 23’, grouped with Lincolnshire (including North-East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire). The remaining areas of the East Riding of Yorkshire have been placed in Lot 8, covering West & North Yorkshire, and Lot 20 (South Yorkshire).

BDUK has confirmed that procurement for Lot 23 will commence in July 2023 with an estimated contract award date of January – April 2024. Current estimates are that the total investment to cover East Riding and Lincolnshire will be £119m, covering approximately 74,000 premises. The Broadband East Riding Programme is working closely with colleagues in BDUK and regionally.