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What is Superfast?

The internet is transforming the way we live, work and play. With superfast broadband everyone in your home or business can use their PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets, at the same time with no delays. #GoSuperfast today to enjoy broadband speeds of more than 24Mbps, reduce download times, stream without buffering, game online lag free and work from home on a reliable internet connection.

Can I get Superfast Broadband? 

Quickly find out if superfast fibre optic broadband is available to your property by clicking the link below and entering your postcode.

Check your postcode here

Not available yet?

For information relating to the current and future rollout within the East Riding, please visit the Rollout page. Could you be eligible for the Better Broadband Scheme?

Check your speed 

Put in your postcode and test the speed of your current broadband connection, the map will also show the average results of nearby speed tests. Zoom in for more results. Remember, superfast broadband is 24Mbps and above. If you see particularly slow speeds, and are using wireless (WiFi) we recommend connecting to your broadband router using an Ethernet cable.

This speed test helps thinkbroadband to build a picture of UK broadband. You can view more detailed information about broadband in your area.

For troubleshooting issues, visit thinkbroadband.

How do I connect? 

Contact your chosen Internet Service Provider

Find the best superfast deal for you

Ask to upgrade your Broadband package to Fibre Optic

Contact your chosen internet service provider to upgrade

Be better!

Enjoy the benefits!

To start enjoying superfast speeds, you will need to contact your preferred internet service provider to upgrade your broadband package. Make sure to shop around with all available providers to find the best deal for you!

List of broadband providers Ofcom price comparison Please Note:
The Council does not recommend any supplier in particular and other providers may exist which are not included on the websites linked to above.

Benefits of Superfast 


Faster Online Gaming 

Enjoy better gameplay with superfast broadband. The increased download and upload speeds give realtime reactions to keep you at the top of the leaderboard.

Instant TV and Movie Streaming 

Watch or catch up with your favourite TV and movies on demand in High Definition without annoying buffering.


Work from Home 

Superfast sends and receives large files instantly, making working from home easy. Businesses can increase efficiency with reliable conference calling and the whole office can work on faster speeds.

Multiple Devices Online 

Everyone in your home or business can be online at the same time. Game, stream, chat, browse and download, all together, with no buffering.

Superfast Downloads 

No more time wasted spent waiting for your favourite album or the latest 3D movie to download. Watch and listen in seconds with superfast broadband.