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Keep up the broadband impetus!

User AvatarPosted by Jonathan Hall at 31/05/2012 15:44:18

At the start of 2012, the Government announced funding to help deliver improved broadband across the country, especially in areas that currently receive unreliable and poor services.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council is developing its Local Broadband Plan that aims to improve broadband services across our area using the Government’s funding.  The council launched a website last January so that all those interested in having superfast broadband at their home or business could register their interest and complete a short survey.

The website http://broadband.eastriding.gov.uk is available until October 2012 and the council is renewing is appeal to people to visit it and complete a survey.  The engineering work to improve broadband services across East Riding is a large telecom project that is expected to take upwards of two years to implement from the anticipated start of April 2013.  The roll-out to different villages and towns will need prioritising. Broadband suppliers are likely to prioritise those areas where demand exists to take up improved broadband services; which is why the council created the special website so that residents and businesses can register their interest..

The results of the registration will be used by broadband suppliers to prioritise their roll out. Residents and businesses are encouraged to visit the web site http://broadband.eastriding.gov.uk and complete the short survey to ensure their village or town is included as broadband services start to improve.

Councillor Jonathan Owen, deputy leader and portfolio holder for performance, transformation and strategic partnerships, said: “The provision of reliable broadband for the whole of the East Riding is very important in ensuring the area is not left behind as internet services continue to develop.  Broadband suppliers are likely to respond where communities are able to show an interest in improved services and I do urge residents and businesses to register and complete the short survey, which will help identify the scale of the problem and prioritise the roll-out of reliable broadband across East Riding.”

Case Study  

Bridlington Businessman Was Going Nowhere Quick Until Superfast Fibre Broadband Arrived

IT consultant Richard Hale has saved thousands on fuel bills and slashed his annual commute by more than 20,000 miles – thanks to the Broadband East Riding programme.

Self-employed Richard said existing broadband speeds to his home in Bridlington were so slow he was forced to make a 140 mile commute to offices in York and Leeds to connect with clients.

But the arrival of superfast broadband as part of the Broadband East Riding roll-out has enabled him to stay put, ditch his long commute and work from the family home, serving customers around the globe.

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Families can benefit from superfast broadband by streaming HD videos without waiting for them to buffer, download the latest movies on your TV box, browse the web quicker than before, play on-line gaming with people around the world - all at the same time - without any annoying delays.

Family Benefits

Superfast broadband can help you to keep in touch with relatives around the world using video services without having to wait to connect and it gives you a smoother connection whilst chatting.

Retired Couple

Superfast broadband can help businesses reach new markets, connect with customers and suppliers quickly, cut costs with online data storage and work from home or on the go.

Small deli benefits