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Broadband East Riding Plays Part in Two Million UK Milestone

User AvatarPosted by Georgina Cayzer at 09/02/2015 16:25:34

Two million more UK homes and businesses can now get superfast broadband

  • The Broadband East Riding project has now reached more than 24,000 premises
  • Latest figures revealed as next stage of tackling the final five per cent of hardest to reach areas in the UK begins

The Government’s nationwide rollout of superfast broadband has now reached more than two million homes and businesses, figures published today (Monday, 9 February) reveal. As part of this, Broadband East Riding has delivered access to 24,000 premises in the East Riding.

The rollout is delivering superfast access - internet speeds greater than 24 Mbps - to those properties not covered by existing commercial networks and is on track to take superfast access to 95 per cent of the UK by 2017.

Broadband East Riding recognises the importance of a fast internet connection to individuals and businesses alike, and, together with Government, has invested £14.4 million in delivering superfast broadband to the East Riding. Around 80 per cent of the UK already has access to superfast speeds, and the rollout is currently reaching an additional 40,000 homes and businesses every week.

Broadband East Riding is a £14 million partnership between the council and contractor B T and is funded by grants from BDUK, £5.5m, and The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), £4.4m, along with investment from BT and the council.

Culture Secretary Sajid Javid said: “Today there are over 24,000 more East Riding homes and businesses with access to superfast broadband than there was two years ago as a result of this ambitious project. We want everyone in the UK to be able to enjoy the benefits of superfast broadband, that’s why we’ve begun work on reaching the last five per cent of communities not covered by existing plans.”

Focus is now firmly placed on the hardest to reach areas that make up the “final five per cent” of the UK not covered by existing plans, and Government has already begun work on extending superfast coverage to these communities.

Councillor Jonathan Owen, deputy leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council and portfolio holder for transformation and strategic partnerships, said: “Today is a milestone in superfast broadband across the UK and we are pleased with how our Broadband East Riding project is progressing, providing thousands of homes and businesses with the opportunity to access faster broadband speeds.

We would strongly urge residents and businesses to check with their ISP for service availability and upgrade.

Broadband East Riding is an excellent example of the public and private sector working together for the benefit of residents and customers. Both the council and BT are working in partnership to ensure local communities benefit from high-speed broadband, which is essential in this digital age, as technology develops and more and more business and social connections are made online.”

Joe Garner, CEO of Openreach, BT’s local network business, said: “We’re proud to be delivering this great British success story in partnership with the Government, and have committed up to £1billion of our shareholder’s money to the projects. The programme is on schedule overall and our people continue to work flat-out on connecting homes and business in the UK’s hard-to-reach areas. If we come in under budget, savings can be reinvested to take coverage even further. Funds will also be released if take-up exceeds expectations, all of which is further great value for the taxpayer.”

The Government confirmed today that seven pilot schemes aimed at helping to reach these areas will now move into deployment, having successfully completed the first stage of a trial period.

The seven schemes will: 

  • Generate evidence about the cost of delivering superfast speeds in these hardest to reach areas, in order to better understand the level of public investment that will be needed
  • Build capacity and capability in the market, and increase the market’s knowledge of State aid requirements, by sharing the pilot findings as widely as possible
  • Generate evidence about expected levels of take-up in hardest to reach areas, and how it can be incentivised




Case Study  

Bridlington Businessman Was Going Nowhere Quick Until Superfast Fibre Broadband Arrived

IT consultant Richard Hale has saved thousands on fuel bills and slashed his annual commute by more than 20,000 miles – thanks to the Broadband East Riding programme.

Self-employed Richard said existing broadband speeds to his home in Bridlington were so slow he was forced to make a 140 mile commute to offices in York and Leeds to connect with clients.

But the arrival of superfast broadband as part of the Broadband East Riding roll-out has enabled him to stay put, ditch his long commute and work from the family home, serving customers around the globe.

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